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MADE IN ITALY: The most important brand to export and above all to internationalize. The figure of the entrepreneur is at the center of our commitment. It supports companies in entering new foreign markets, directing their subsequent development.

Metodologie uniformi – Analisi “sartoriali”

Stages Of Commercial Development:
  • Analysis of the company profile
  • Identification of the potential Market most suitable for the product and for the reference customers.
  • Assistance in professional services and research for SMEs
  • Strategic Development and design study of emerging opportunities.
  • Identification of the reference user (Customers / Partners)
  • Organization of missions by group of companies or individual work meetings
  • Legal, tax and accounting consultancy.
The sectors on which main experience mainly matered:
  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical products
  • Interior Design
  • Renewable energy and sustainable sources
  • Finance
  • Transportation & Logistics
Intervention To Personam (“Sartorial” Analysis):
  • B2B
  • Analysis and study of the product
  • Specific identification of Intermediate Users (Agents / Distributors) and Direct Customers more involved in the commercial project of our Representative.
  • First contact based on the selected profile and the expressed interest.

Development of the internationalization project and eventual production delocalization

Step 1:

Study, survey and selection of the main Target Markets most suited to the company’s focus

Step 2:

Drafting of the Foreign Development Program and operational detail for each individual Country identified

Step 3:

Design evaluation analysis in case of request for establishment Local law company in the area of interest, and relative Location identification for future operational headquarters

Step 4:

Legal, Fiscal, Bureaucratic assistance

We are present and operate:

 – United Arab Emirates – Qatar – Saudi Arabia – Bahrain – Oman – Asian Area – North America – Argentina –

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